Options for "Podcasting"

Church of the Cross-podcasts

There are a few great ways to make audio files available on your SnapShot Website.

Audio Files

You can use the Alive Media Player to play a single audio file or a series of files that you have placed in a folder. One great way to use this tool is to place all of the mp3s for a recent sermon series inside a single folder, then pair this module with that folder. What you will get is a player that will display all of the sermons and even an image that goes along with them. Click here to watch a few videos that will teach you how to pull this off.


Church of the Cross-podcasts
RSS Feed

If you want to have people be able to subscribe to your podcast through a service like iTunes, you will have to generate an RSS feed. Once you decide to activate your site, if you would like to upgrade to the SnapShot Pro Plan or add an additional module to your account at the $50 per year a la carte price, you can have access to a module called News Articles that will make this very easy for you. If you would like us to give you a quick lesson on how to use this module well, send us an email at support@snapshotweb.com or call us at 877-549-1900.